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Mindset Monday & Weekly Alliance E-Newsletter

Posted video, discussions & text initiated in the Alliance group chat by Nate ''KING A-K'' Richards, Mindset Monday sets the theme for the week and encourages ideas, plans, strategies, motivation, inspiration, clarity, drive & purpose.

Getting ourselves primed for the business/financial & money making week using the Alliance resources and opportunities - Referral Program / VSM, member own company's, businesses, hustles & money making endeavors.

Monday the weekly alliance E-Newsletter is also sent out to all members via our online chat portal.

Coaching/Mentoring Bookings

Nate ''KING A-K'' Richards uses Tuesdays for direct group & personal 1 on 1 coaching & mentoring calls / bookings / posted coaching & mentoring content / teachings from Nate ''KING A-K' Richards.

Member Spotlight

Wednesday is our member spotlight, with chosen members engaging with a 1 on 1 with Nate ''KING A-K'' Richards, promoting what those members are doing and where they want to go, successes, wins & weekly achievements. 

Live Group Video Call

Thursday's at 8 pm AEST Nate ''KING A-K'' Richards hosts a live group video call to discuss, mentor, coach, advise, speak on & listen to all relevant things.

Finance Fridays

Finance Fridays are held by Nate ''KING A-K'' Richards and is the dedicated day for Nate to liase with all members engaged in business with him or the Alliance, each other, the VSM, The referral program and other business in order to keep updated, optimized, streamlined & organized.

Finance Fridays will also include completing any of our business tasks, communications, plans, ideas & executions of strategies in order to gain finances for members involved.

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